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Sara Rendell Photography

Jack | Fresh 48 Lifestyle Session Wodonga Hospital

Jack Alfie | 25.09.17 
Weight: 5360 gram | 11lbs 13 oz 
Length: 57cms

 I love chunky babies & Jack is by far the CHUNKIEST newborn baby I have ever met! 
In fact, he was the BIGGEST baby to be born at Wodonga hospital in 2017! 
​And lucky for me, he belongs to my cousin, so I got to meet him when you was only 24 hours old for some snuggles & photos of course! 
I can remember so clearly how excited I was to see him & squish his little (not so little) cheeks! 
He had the SQUISHIEST & SOFTEST cheeks ever & he was so big I could hardly hold his head in my hand! Along with his gorgeous cheeks, he was born with a full head of perfectly styled hair!
Such a handsome baby!  
I hope you love admiring these photos of him as much as I do! 
I might be biased because he is family, but seriously, take a look at the cuteness for yourself! 


Fresh 48 | Lifestyle Newborn Session by Sara Rendell Photography 

Fresh 48 photography is perfect for capturing the early moments of your babies life!
The first few days of your babies life go by so quickly & are filled with so many beautiful moments! Their first skin to skin snuggles with mum, breastfeeding, first bath, meeting their siblings & other family members and more! This beautiful time goes by so quickly! Don’t let it be forgotten! 
Book a Fresh 48 Newborn Session with Sara Rendell Photography & capture all the precious details of your new baby & the beautiful natural moments inside of your families ‘love bubble’. 

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